Conversion Table

New U.S. and global environmental regulations have resulted in a worldwide phase out of Nickel Cadmium (Ni-CD) cell production causing the obsolescence of Ni-CD chemistry for rechargeable batteries.

With this action, Multiplier is announcing the discontinuation of some our current Nickel Cadmium based battery packs options and recommended replacement Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries.

We have provided a simple conversion table for you to match your radio with the correct Ni-MH battery. 


Nickel Cadmium Battery

RadioReplacement Nickel Metal Hydride BatteryComments
M0193Bendix-King/Relm LPHM0193-HX 
M191202Harris LPE200M191202H 
M191203Harris LPE200M191203H 
M191210/3Harris JaguarM191210/4M191210/3 still available
until stock is depleted
MBP209Icom IC-F21SMBP210 
MKNB12Kenwood TK250/350/353MKNB12H 
MKNB14Kenwood TK2100/3100MKNB14H 
MKNB15Kenwood TK260/360MKNB15HMKNB15 still available
until stock is depleted
MKNB17Kenwood TK290/390/480/481MKNB17H 
MKNB25AKenwood TK2140/3140MKNB26NMKNB25A still available 
until stock is depleted
MKNB31AKenwood TK5210/2180MKNB32N 
M4496Motorola CP200M4851M4496 still available
until stock is depleted
M5447Motorola MT1000M5447H 
M7143Motorola HT1000M7143HX 
M7144Motorola HT1000M7144H or M7144HXM7144 still available 
until stock is depleted
M7395Motorola VisarM7394 
M8148Motorola Radius P110M8148HM8148 still available  
until stock is depleted
M8294Motorola XTS3000M8923HX 
M9008Motorola HT750M9008H 
M9012Motorola HT750M9009HX 
M9049Motorola Radius P1225M9049HX 
M9360Motorola Radius GP350M9360HX 
M9628Motorola Radius GP300M9628HX 
M9815Motorola XTS2500M9858X 
MFNB57Vertex VX400MFNB57H